FREE VIDEO Blast Off With The Jets - TONIGHT!

FREE VIDEO Blast Off With The Jets - TONIGHT!

FREE VIDEO Blast Off With The Jets - TONIGHT!

The Durham Jets are ready for Friday - are you?

Phil Mustard, Mark Wood and Michael Richardson give some remarkable acting performances to launch the Durham Jets into the NatWest T20 Blast.

Ahead of the opening game of the season against the Worcestershire Rapids, the three Durham Jets stars appear in a stunning video from Future&Co. Click here to watch.

A classified vessel somewhere out to sea is the base for a sporting mission of high importance.

The engines roar and the pilot gives a thumbs up. The Jets are ready to launch.

T-Minus three seconds and counting...3…2…1…BLAST OFF!

Soaring through blue skies and white clouds at over 2020 miles per hour, it's destination is logged into the computer - Emirates Durham ICG.

Suddenly, a vapour trail is released. A stream of red smoke forms in the sky and the people below are startled (well, as close to a startled look as they could manage)

There's no acting here though. There really isn't. This is natural astonishment from Mark Wood-en, should be in Phil-ms Mustard and Michael cane impersonation Richardson.


The weather forecast is good and with the first game taking place on a Friday evening, it's a great opportunity to bring your family down and enjoy a fantastic night of weekend entertainment.

Junior tickets are priced at just £5 and there will be music, an inflatable cricket factory and fireworks to enjoy throughout the night.

To buy a one-off match ticket or to save money and buy a T20 season ticket, click here 

Take a quick peak at Swanny's behind the scenes NatWest T20 BLAST video: Behind the Scences