Durham County Cricket Academy and Foster Care

Durham County Cricket Academy and Foster Care

Durham County Cricket Academy

Foster Cares Limited link up with Durham County Cricket Academy to support the development of young cricketers in the region.

Foster Cares Ltd is a locally family owned business, based in Durham which operates across the North East region providing good quality , sustainable foster placements for children and young people enabling them to fulfil their potential.

We are launching a new, innovative and fresh campaign to recruit foster carers ! Normally fostering providers have offices which interested parties will be expected to contact and visit to pursue their interest in fostering .

We have decided that we need to be more flexible, more visible and more mobile and being proactive in going to the people rather than expecting them to come to us . To do this we have invested in a motor home which has been set up as a mobile office, allowing us to “open an office , near you tomorrow” !!

No other Fostering Agency in the North East has ever done this before !!!!

This venture demonstrates Foster Cares Ltd commitment to playing our part in raising the profile of fostering, increasing the number of foster carers in the North East region and meeting the needs of local children.

Remember Local People need local people like you !

We believe our aim, vision and story is worth sharing with the widest possible audience and would be happy to discuss this further.

Please don’t hesitate to contact
Tel: 01388458800
Freephone: 0800 488 0081
Email: fostering@cares.co.uk
Website: www.cares.co.uk