Durham County Cricket Club Trust

Durham County Cricket Club Trust

Durham County Cricket Club Trust exists to hold a Golden Share in Durham County Cricket Club Holdings Limited. The Golden Share effectively gives “cricket members” a power of veto should Durham County Cricket Club Holdings Limited wish to cease playing First Class Cricket, cease playing First Class Cricket at the Ground (Emirates Durham ICG), or sell the Ground.

Please see below notice of elections for Durham County Cricket Club Trust.

Durham County Cricket Club Trust

Notice of Elections

Notice is hereby given that the Durham County Cricket Club Trust (Trust) is seeking nominations to fill vacancies arising on the Trust's board of trustees.

1. Current trustees

1.1 The current trustees appointed by election are:

1.1.1 Robert Jackson – appointed 2006;

1.1.2 Kenneth Frankish – appointed 2006;

1.1.3 Ian Malcolm Howie – appointed 2006;

1.1.4 Kenneth William Gardiner (deceased) – appointed 2006;

1.2 The current trustees appointed by Durham County Cricket Holdings Limited (Holdings) are:

1.2.1 David Harker – appointed 2006; and

1.2.2 Joseph Sherrington – appointed 2006.

2. Vacancies

2.1 Two trustees appointed by election are due to retire.  These are:

2.1.1 Robert Jackson; and

2.1.2 Kenneth William Gardiner (deceased).

2.2 If following the nomination process there are insufficient nominations to fill the vacancies, a retiring trustee, if willing, shall be deemed to be re-appointed unless it is resolved by the continuing trustees not to fill all the vacancies.

3. Nomination process

3.1 Those entitled to vote are the 'cricket members' (Members).

3.2 The Members have 21 days from the date of this notice to submit nominations in writing to the Trustees at the address below.  Therefore, nominations need to be submitted by Thursday 15 May 2014.

3.3 A nomination shall only be valid if it:

3.3.1 is on the nomination form required by the trustees (forms are available from Reception or from Rebecca Graham on rebecca.graham@durhamccc.co.uk);

3.3.2 is signed by at least 10 Members excluding the nominee; and

3.3.3 is signed by the nominee.  By signing the nominee confirms that: he is aware of the skills and commitment required properly to fulfil the role of a trustee; and that the nominee is a Member.

3.4 Only Members may be nominated.  A retiring trustee may be nominated for re-appointment if he/she remains a Member.

4. Election process

4.1 Having received nominations, the trustees shall issue notice to the Members of the identity of those eligible nominees who have been validly nominated (Nominees).  This shall be done by the same method of communication by which this notice was issued.  The Members shall then have 14 days to vote for the Nominee that they wish to become a trustee.  The method of election shall be at the discretion of the trustees and shall be set out in the notice confirming the Nominees.

4.2 Each of the Members shall be entitled to one vote except where a Member is entitled to multiple votes as set out in the Trust Deed.  All multiple votes must be cast en bloc.

4.3 The two Nominees receiving the highest number of votes shall be elected to become a trustee to fill one of the vacancies.

4.4 The continuing trustees, Holdings and the elected Nominees shall then execute a deed to effect the appointment.

5. Deadline

As stated in paragraph 3.2 above, the deadline for receipt of nomination forms by the Trust is 5.00 p.m. on  Thursday 15 May 2014.

6. Further information

If you have any further questions, please contact Rebecca Graham on rebecca.graham@durhamccc.co.uk

By order of the board of trustees

Robert Jackson MBE
Durham County Cricket Club Trust

Emirates Durham International Cricket Ground
Chester le Street
County Durham

22nd April 2014

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