The ECB - Against Ticket Touting

The ECB - Against Ticket Touting

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The ECB is against ticket touting, and is committed to eradicating ticket touting wherever possible.

The ECB monitors online auction and ticket re-sale sites, and will cancel tickets in breach of terms and conditions: i.e. tickets that are sold on above face value are in breach of ticket conditions, and may be cancelled – leading to refused entry into the ground.

If you are unable to attend the match, you may pass your ticket on at the face value only to a friend or family member. Any other enquiries regarding transferring tickets must be directed to the host venue.

The ECB reserves the right to request verification of identity and source of purchase upon entry at the ground.


What is the ECB’s stance on ticket touting?
• The ECB is keen to eradicate ticket touting wherever possible and has previously lobbied government to introduce legislation to help stamp it out
• Ticket touting excludes fans who cannot afford the inflated prices offered for tickets and prevents our game being accessible to all sections of the community
• ECB will take prompt action to prevent touted tickets being used at any venue under its control
• Tickets that are sold on or transferred in breach of ticket conditions may be cancelled and the ticket holder risks being refused entry into the ground
• The ECB reserves the right to request verification of identity and source of purchase upon entry at the ground.
What are the terms and conditions regarding the re-sale of international cricket tickets?

Please see the Ts&Cs relating to Durham CCC

So can I sell my cricket ticket(s) at face value, or less than face value?
Yes. If you cannot attend, we strongly encourage you to pass on your tickets to people who you know – at face value.

But can I sell my cricket ticket(s) at more than face value?
No, this is against the terms and conditions of your ticket.
What are the risks if I do sell my tickets for more than face value?
Your ticket(s) could be cancelled – and the ticket holder could be refused entry to the ground.

Can I buy a ticket from a tout outside the ground?
• We strongly advise against buying tickets from non-official ticket sources, including touts outside grounds
• Be aware that the tickets could be fake, duplicates and might have been cancelled by the ECB/venue – meaning you could not be allowed into the venue

What do I do if I lose my ticket?
Please contact the box office at the venue and ask for assistance. See our Tickets section for venue contact information.

What action did ECB take against touts when it last hosted an Ashes Series in 2009, as tickets were widely available on the black market?
• ECB monitored major online auction sites and cancelled hundreds of tickets, when it hosted the Ashes Series in England in 2009
• This activity will take place again during the 2013 summer