Private Events At Emirates Riverside

Private Events At Emirates Riverside

Private Events

There is nothing like hosting your event with a backdrop as timeless as the County Durham riverbank.

 The Riverside Suite

In summer 2016 we refurbished the largest most grandest of our suites, The Riverside. As its name suggests, the suite overlooks the evergreens across the County Durham riverside shadowed by the 18th century castle.

There is no comparison to the 160-foot, glass-fronted panoramic view of one of the most picturesque settings in English sport. Seating a maximum of 250 people for a dinner, it is the perfect setting for the grandest of events. Whether you’re looking for a school prom venue, sporting dinner or something more informal, our Riverside suite could be the dramatic setting your events needs to give that 'wow' factor.

Dinner Rounds: 240 Capacity
Dinner and Dance: 200 Capacity
Dinner and Staging: 200 Capacity
Reception Style: 300 Capacity
Cabaret Style: 150 Capacity


The Castle View Suite
As the name of this suite suggests, it focusses on the fantastic 18th Century castle positioned directly in front of the room. Whether it’s a frostbitten morning or mid-summer night’s dream, the Castle View is the perfect pitch facing solution for either small intimate gatherings or for slightly larger numbers up to a maximum capacity of 120. The contemporary design of the room lends itself to anything from shabby chic to the most glamourous of events draped in diamonds.

Dinner Rounds: 120 Capacity
Dinner and Dance: 100 Capacity
Dinner and Staging: 100 Capacity
Reception Style: 150 Capacity
Cabaret Style: 100 Capacity


The Cathedral Suite
The Cathedral Suite adorns high ceilings creating a large open and airy space. Its square design is diverse for all different kinds of events and is adaptable to design the layout yourself. The Cathedral has floor to ceiling windows optimising natural daylight to illuminate the contemporary design of the room.

Having a large open space outside of the room can create a ground floor event with outside exhibition space, exhibiting inside is also perfect as the square design allows rows to be created for your guests to weave in and out of.

Dinner Rounds: 150 Capacity
Dinner and Dance: 120 Capacity
Dinner and Staging: 120 Capacity
Reception Style: 180 Capacity
Cabaret Style: 120 Capacity


Hospitality Lounges
Finally but not to be forgotten, our 4 signature hospitality lounges overlooking the pitch are perfect for smaller dinners of up to 40 guests. These all have their own private bar within the room and are separate from any other space, meaning you have an exclusive space away from disruption.

Dinner Rounds: 40 Capacity
Reception Style: 50 Capacity
Cabaret Style: 40 Capacity

It is our goal to create the perfect even for you. To do this, our event designers will personally create menus, working closely with our chef for packages that are perfect for anything your heart can dream up. To have a look at some of the different menus we can offer, please have a look over our Weddings, Christening & Celebrations menus.

If you are looking for something completely bespoke or have a special event that can only be created by specifically tailoring, please contact us on the following:

Ythan Sale | Marketing and Events Manager
0191 387 2815 |
Dayna Lillie | Sales Manager
0191 387 2818 |
Nicola Smith | Events Coordinator
0191 387 2876 |

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