Grassroots Sport

Grassroots Sport

Tesco coaching campsGrassroots sport development is a vital pillar in the Durham County Cricket Foundation and with the support of Tesco, the Foundation has run programmes this year that have developed sport around the region.

The Foundation in association with the Durham Cricket Board has run several cricket activities including school coaching, holiday coaching camps, match-day coaching opportunities, club coaching and other events.

The Durham Foundation runs cricket coaching activities around the year, both at Emirates Durham ICG and around the region, where in 2011 over 500 young people took part. These are both multi-day holiday camps and cricketing master classes led by expert coaches and Durham players. During the cricket season there are also several match-day coaching opportunities ahead of Durham’s home fixtures.

Durham Cricket Foundation also works with several schools delivering coaching sessions in schools around the region. All participants are then invited to attend a Durham match and play cricket on the Emirates Durham Pitch.

Over 24 schools and 1,300 young people took part in this Tesco Grassroots coaching programme in 2011

Durham County Cricket Foundation also attended several events delivering cricket coaching to thousands of young people over the summer. In association with the ECB Cricket Factory, the Foundation attended the Billingham Charity Trophy, the Newcastle Mela and Sunderland AirShow.

Durham County Cricket Foundation uses all the international standard facilities the Emirates Durham ICG has to offer and with the valuable support of Tesco the Foundation has been able to implement several programme aimed at enthusing and developing many young sports people across the region.

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