Howzat Lottery

Howzat Lottery

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Durham County Cricket Club's Howzat? Lottery is a fantastic way to win cash prizes for just £1 a week!

Please e-mail for enquiries or click here to join online!

Wednesday 15 November

£1,000 (N5544) - E Nelson; £250 (P2084) - Mr Houghton; £125 (NG3694) - J Carter; 42 x £10 consolation prizes

Pair of DCCC match tickets - G Freeborn (NG0134) & W Ainsley (NG0224)

Rollover Extra - No winner (V5927), £1,000 next week

Wednesday 8 November

£1,000 (T4106) - B Dale; £250 (P4849) - C Dolan; £125 (RA3340) - J Meredith; 48 x £10 consolation prizes

Pair of DCCC match tickets - D Petterson (NG3511) & E Kidman (NG3835)

Rollover Extra - P Clarke (N4869), £500 next week

Wednesday 1 November

£1,000 (V0545) - C Eaton; £250 (OA4691) - S Hobson; £125 (G5510) - L Collins; 42 x £10 consolation prizes

Pair of DCCC match tickets - P McKinney (NG3125) & R Lisle (NG3433)

Rollover Extra - No winner (E0058), £6,500 next week

Wednesday 25 October

£1,000 (OB5480) - J Greenwood; £250 (G1183) - W Birchall; £125 (G3255) - K Kinsey; 42 x £10 consolation prizes

Pair of DCCC match tickets - B Ashley (NG2622) & P Hartley (NG3111)

Rollover Extra - No winner (OC6859), £6,000 next week

For any draws from previous weeks, please e-mail or call 0191 731 8750.


Rules & Regulations

  • All members and agents must be aged 16 years or over.
  • All members will receive four jackpot numbers for every £1 subscribed. Players may purchase more than one entry.
  • All numbers will be entered into the draw on receipt of that week’s subscription.
  • No claim is necessary as all winners will be notified. The winners will be published on a weekly result sheet and available to view on the Club website
  • Prizes for the Howzat Lottery Weekly Draw are displayed on Club website. There are no alternatives to any prize and no interest is payable. Prizes will be sent by cheque within 14 days.
  • No liability is accepted for the loss, theft or delayed receipt of any communication sent by post. 
  • The Development Association reserves the right to use winners’ names for promotional purposes. These will only be summary, e.g. Mrs Smith, any street, any town.
  • All monies received from the lottery will go towards the development of cricket and the support of Durham County Cricket Club 
  • Durham council licence number: LOTSP0151

Complaints Procedure

Any member of the lottery who wished to make a complaint should firstly speak to their agent / collector. If the matter is not resolved then the member should contact the Development Association Office and speak to a member of staff or if necessary the Promotions Manager. We hope that any complaints can be resolved, however if this is not possible then the Lotteries Council can be used as a third party arbitrator.